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Jackson River Bridge


Alone on a bridge staring into the dark water...


He was not born Noah Waters, but constant rejection often has a way of encouraging one to walk away from everything they have known while giving birth to the person they are meant to be. This is Noah's story...


I was a sixteen-year-old runaway when I worked my way to the edge of the Jackson River Bridge and peered at the moonlit water swirling below. To be fair, I wasn't an ordinary sixteen-year-old. I had an affliction akin to autism that left me with fragmented memories of my childhood, memories that inspired nightmares filled with demons that tormented me while I slept and awoke me screaming in the dark void of my room. Even I understood that I had few choices, and all were bad. There was nothing for me on the side of the river I had come from, and I had no reason to believe that the other side of the river offered anything better. Logically, jumping seemed a way to break the tie. The stalemate only broke when I heard a voice emanating from the darkness. The voice belonged to a man wearing a hooded garment that shadowed his face, a man who chose to live on the grounds of an old monastery with a dozen cats. The moment he stepped from the darkness my life began to pivot. I first learned to trust him, then love him. He put me on a path toward a future I never imagined possible that night as I stood on...The Jackson River Bridge.



Elliott D. Light writes a dramatic tale with The Jackson River Bridge. I am a big fan of Elliott D. Light and read whatever this author writes. This author has a grand imagination, and talent for showing the story. This story was something I was so impressed with and unlike anything I have ever read before. Here is Noah's story. After harrowing upbringing, and constant rejection, a young man, reinvents himself as Noah Waters. He ran away at the age of 16, and found himself on the Jackson River Bridge. He is on the autism spectrum, and his memories are fragmented, but maybe that is how his mind works. That could be his normality. Everyone has their own. He's tormented by puzzle pieces in his head that he can't put together, but also nightmares that torture this young man. Noah seems like he is on the brink of jumping, but something calls to him, someone calls to him, and brings him on a journey of self discovery, self beliefs, and knowing he is something, someone special. His autism, his childhood doesn't have to define him. Impressive writing. The reader just embarks on a superb journey. What an inspirational title. The title drew me in, but the story made me stay. This book captures the reader's attention at chapter 1. A reader can get lost in the story. Simply masterful. Elliott D. Light not only tells the story but shows it with words as well. The Jackson River Bridge is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I read this book to give my unbiased and honest review. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews recommends that anyone who reads this book, to also write a review.

Anchor - JRB Reviews

"I was hooked by the Author's Notes on page 1. Getting to know Jeff as he experiences the trauma of being different and then his transformation into Noah made this book such a positive experience. Of course, that would not have happened had it not been for the heroes who saw Jeff/Noah as someone who was  "just not finished yet". 

I hope this book is a success for Mr. Light."


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