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The Gene Polce

the gene police
Book 3 - Shep Harrington, Smalltown Mysteries

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A Confrontation fifty years in the making...


The brutal murder of Jennifer Rice.  The evidence: DNA found at the scene, DNA that belongs to a man long thought dead, and a shadowy fifty-year old photograph of a woman holding a baby taken at a near-by farm.

Shep Harrington is drawn into this legal quagmire by the arrival of his friend, and now client, Reggie Mason, a black state trooper, who admits that he obtained the DNA illegally.  All Reggie wants Shep to do is to ask former residents of the farm it they remember anyone taking pictures or if they saw a woman with a baby. But simple requests are not easily contained. As Shep soon learns, the request brings him to the top of a slippery slope with an ill-defined edge. Question begets question, and the slide down the slope proves inevitable: What happened to the baby? Who is in the photograph? And who killed Jennifer Rice?

The answers lead Shep into a confrontation with the so called gene police, a confrontation fifty years in the making.

Anchor - GP Reviews

"A brilliantly engineered plot, intertwined with some of the dark undercurrents of the early and mid-20th century eugenics subculture. Light's plot development and pacing are superb, as are the character development and his treatment of complex human emotions, not to mention his effortless incorporation of technology into the problem solving surrounding this riveting who-done-it mystery. His reflective descriptions of the environs, lifestyles, weather, and even the felines are equally captivating, and the plot resolution is both tidy and very clever, concluding with a heartwarming epilogue to boot. This is Light's third adventure in his Smalltown Mystery series, all three of which I can heartily recommend."

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