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"Throwaways" Pre-Order your copy today!

Yes, it's true..."Throwaways" is now available for pre-order! Click on the free preview below to order yours today and have it delivered to your Kindle first thing tomorrow!

“As I came closer, I realized she couldn’t have looked at me because she had no eyes. She had no eyes!”

The body of a young girl drifts over a reef where Jake Savage is photographing lionfish, beautiful brown-striped creatures with feathery pectoral fins that could almost make one forget their venomous spines. For an instant, Jake thinks she might be watching him, but she has no snorkel or mask. She isn’t wearing a swimsuit, but rather is clad in only a shirt and panties. And she can’t have looked at him because she has no eyes. What has this child done to die so young, to be forgotten and left to drift until consumed by the creatures of the sea? A voice whispers to let her go, but he can’t leave her to the whim of the wind and tide ….a simple decision with deadly consequences.

“Throwaways is a timely statement about the ‘have’s’ and the ‘have not’s’ of today‘s society. It frankly illuminates the corruption and greed of the uber wealthy as they consume what they desire from the weak and the less fortunate, and then simply toss them aside like yesterday’s garbage. This story could have been ripped from many of today‘s headlines.” — Charles Rieger Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence

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