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Reviews for Chain Thinking!

Chimps are smarter than you think! July 10, 2014 I loved this story. I learned so much about chimpanzees, and the laws that at this point, sadly do not protect them, all while reading a romping page turning murder mystery. Set in the DC area, with careful attention to area details it was a delight to read. Bravo Elliott Light!


No monkey business States on June 30, 2018 A very interesting book advocating for animal rights. Interesting but also fun to read!


Entertaining and Enlightening October 4, 2013 His writing is engaging, and the subject matter, use of animals in medical research labs, is enlightening and thought provoking.


A Hero for Our Times September 18, 2003 One reason that society's ethics advance so slowly is that the reasons for advance are hidden behind the facts and figures of dry scientific papers and textbooks that remain unread by anyone but scientists and a few geeks like me. The facts and figures generated by the African slave trade were ample cause to end such an abomination, but it was not until Uncle Tom's Cabin came along that people actually sat up and took notice. Elliott Light's new mystery novel, Chain Thinking, has the potential to awaken the public to the plight of chimpanzees being used in biomedical research in a way that scholarly publications simply have not done. In this story, the newest addition to his Shep Harrington Smalltown Mystery series, Light introduces his readers to a world of corporate greed that has little concern for the suffering it leaves in its wake. Like all good mysteries, Chain Thinking compels the reader to turn yet another page and follow the story through its unexpected twists and turns. Whether you are a mystery aficionado, a Shep Harrington fan, or someone interested in the animal research industry's darker secrets and devious behavior, you will surely find Chain Thinking an eye-opening and surprising story. Shep Harrington is a hero for our times. For the animal rights crowd, Chain Thinking will make a great gift for friends and family members who refuse to read a graphic expose. Before they know it, they will be cheering for the animals. Go Shep!


Read Them All! March 29, 2019 Elliott Light makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you angry, makes you think. What more can you ask of a writer? Oh, how about, great research into subjects many know little or nothing about. Now add a murder to be solved , along with a cast of characters who draw you in, makes for a great story wherein you learn something. I've read his books and I'm definitely a fan of Elliott Leight who is looking forward to what's next.


The Perfect Tapestry September 19, 2003 Elliott Light's CHAIN THINKING was the perfect tapestry of mystery, drama, animal rights, and the law. The story begins with a 'big bang' and doesn't stop running from there. I was drawn to his protagonist Shep Harrington, the reluctant hero/detective/lawyer, through whose eyes and voice we are reminded of the injustices our society imposes upon chimpanzees and other animals for our own selfish purposes. Mr. Light is able to convey a strong message without being preachy. I also enjoyed Shep's dry sense of humor. I promise you'll pick up the book and finish it in one read.


Thought Provoking January 2, 2004 Elliott Light's second book in the SmallTown Mystery Series, CHAIN THINKING, is a quick and easy read that leaves you with plenty to chew on long after you put the book down.

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