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Great Reviews for Throwaways keep rolling in!

Great mystery read October 18, 2020 Author did a good job in writing an imaginative, emotional and mysterious story line. A little dark and heavy so beware if you’re not used to reading these types of books. But very relevant to the world around us right now. Recommend if you want a deep and interesting page turner.


Good Read October 17, 2020 I enjoyed this book. This was an easy read with good flow. For me the 1st chapter was a bit of overload on information, but once past that, it was a good read. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and seeing how the story turned out.


An entertaining dive into a seedy world October 16, 2020 His discovery of a dead girl floating off the Florida coast throws diver and marine researcher Jake Savage into the shifting current of a mystery that slides through the seedy side of coastal life in Key West, Florida and into the even seedier side of a greater life, the world of child sex trafficking, including a headline villain who recalls Jeffrey Epstein. Such is the convoluted world of “Throwaways,” a mystery by Elliott Light. Faced with a disinserted police detective (who eventually comes around) and the moral imperative to right the wrong, Jake plunges into the dangerous search for the name of the dead girl and her killer. Jake is the amateur investigator, the carrier of the hopes of the “throwaways” of the story: himself, as he overcame at age four the murder of his mother; the street girls who are turned into drug addicted prostitutes and playthings for rich men; any number of the characters who get attached to Jake’s quest, and even Detective Murphy, lost in a stagnant career and seriously ill. The reader wants Jake and his gang to succeed; ultimately the reader knows they will. “Throwaways” presents the veneer of a mystery, an entertaining exploration of a noble and righteous quest, a story at whose heart is a big idea that feeds a certain desire – who doesn’t want to be the average guy who brings down an international sex trafficker? That idea will allow the reader to forgive instances in the book that could have used more attention. At times there is the aura of danger and terror, but nothing the reader feels; the seedy side of beach life is such because the author tells the reader it is; and the world of billionaire sex traffickers is bad because, well, it is unambiguously supposed to be. That said, “Throwaways” provides a good read. While it doesn’t grab the reader by the throat, it gives us average guys hope that some of the world’s evil can be exposed. A note: I am the author of mysteries and Anita-Dugan Moore, who created the stunning cover for “Throwaways” and was an editorial advisor, also created the covers for my books.


Not the usual crime story October 16, 2020 It is a story for today. a well-written page-turner and a highly imaginative story - I understand it's the author's first story of its type. Quite a dark subject but the way the author handles the subject matter, it is well managed.


This book is a very intriguing and well written. October 13, 2020 As soon as I got into the first few chapters, the book has a way of pulling you in with all the descriptive details the writer paints as you get further into this dark mystery. It's a great read and I highly recommend to anyone that loves a good mystery book.


Emotional, well-written October 13, 2020 Elliott wrote this novel as if he had been through this story in person. The scenes were so real and detailed and I could imagine just like I were a spectator in the scenes. The story unfolded as a body of a young girl was seen in Key West. People who like suspense novel will really enjoy it. Enjoyed it!


Great book! October 13, 2020 I was hooked from the very beginning of this contemporary mystery novel. Putting it down in for any length of time was not an option. Jake Savage, a 27-year-old diver working for an environmental firm off the coast of Key West, is photographing predator fish when he discovers a dead young woman floating above him. Where did she come from? Was she murdered, and if so, why? On Jake’s journey to find her killer, we meet Ethel, his step-mother from his complicated past, and Tess, the caregiver, who will have a more important role to play later on. Jake’s clues ultimately come together and solidify into a believable conclusion, rather like a spider’s intricate web that stuns us with its construction. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, and hope for more from Elliott Light.

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