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With the addition of Chain Thinking, the Shep Harrington SmallTown® Mystery Series is now available as an audible book. The series, with its quirky characters and small town settings, is ready to be rediscovered by all of those who like their mysteries read to them. Listen to samples of these books by clicking on the links provided below.

Imagine you’re in your late twenties. School is behind you. You have money, a beautiful wife, lots of friends. Everything you ever wanted is at your fingertips.

And then suddenly, it’s all taken from you.

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Syndey Vail, once a beautiful soap opera star, now has a passion for championing the rights of animals—but she keeps the controversial methods of her cause as shrouded as she keeps her partially disfigured face. Sydney enters lawyer-cum-detective Shep Harrington’s life in a cloud of dust and vanishes just as quickly, leaving behind two very different but strangely connected things: a chimpanzee and a murder.

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It was eugenics that compelled white doctors to attempt to murder Baby John. It was compassion that led to his kidnapping. And it is the cruelest of circumstances - the murder of Jennifer Rice - that 50 years later leads Shep Harrington to search for Baby John.

Question begets question, and the slide down the slope proves inevitable: What happened to the baby? Who took it? Why was he taken? And who killed Jennifer Rice?

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